Three Basic Types Of The Proxies To Be Known
05.01.2016 15:08

Of late, the term ‘proxies’ is on the web very often. What does it actually mean? Well, proxy server is nothing but an intermediary source. It helps a connection between actual server and client and makes use of cache or filter requests that are frequently made by clients. There are different kinds of proxies, but three main ones are: normal proxy, transparent proxy and reverse proxy. The main aim of the proxy is to work as anonymous for the World Wide Web. Let us get a brief idea about the three of them through this piece of article. 

Some details about different proxy servers

To begin with, a regular proxy is the one which understands what the client needs and send the same requests to a port for connection. The next time when this proxy server gets any request, it collects the content and saves it for future. When the client requests same thing then the proxy will speed up the work and brings the same content for the user. This is the job of normal proxies network and can be understood clearly by anyone.

The second type of proxy is transparent proxy. It is also same kind of caching server, however it is designed to eliminate whatever configuration comes from client. To be clear, this kind of server is made to depend on one gateway that decodes the WWW requests from users. Then it gets the content from local cache and brings to the user. There is basically no server working between the client and server, therefore it has been named transparent. Usually, these kinds of networks are used by huge organizations so that they do not save every single detail of the client and burden their bandwidth usage. 

The last but not the least is the reverse proxy. This network works for the advantage of web server and not for the clients. Generally, this proxy will filter all answers or contents coming from servers and then provides a response to clients. This kind of server knows how to decrease the bandwidth load on server. There is one more name given to this server and it is web server acceleration.

Now that you have understood the three main proxy types, you should use them accordingly depending on the use. You can even seek help regarding the proxies from your friends who have in depth knowledge about internet and proxies. 


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